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The famous psychotherapist and originator of Rogerian counselling or

better known today Person-centered therapy 

Carl Rogers' (1902-1987), suggested, that it is a far more potent

counsellor that lets go of academic prowess to allow the use of more

of the real self and connective quality of experience. One of my own

personal strengths as a counsellor is that of experience through life

and a desire to build real connection.


For myself, being a counsellor is a huge privilege, to be able to share

in another's life. Rather than sit behind certificates and degrees, note

pads and pens, I prefer to find a genuine connection. Utilising a

pluralistic counselling approach, I draw on many different

therapeutic modalities, but utilise the skill set, experience and

qualities of the person I am working with to inform myself of what

may be the best counselling skills to use. I believe everyone has their

own particular answers and ways of healing and growth,

everyone is unique.


All the counselling modalities I do draw upon are Humanistic approaches and are client driven, client

focused and always at the pace of the client. Relationship could be considered one of the most important qualities to any counselling therapy and a quality that I place great importance on. Being genuine, congruent with real empathy is something I am always striving towards. Finally, intuition may be the most fundamental quality that binds all the above together to create a natural, safe, and healing environment that allows for positive change and growth.  

Mark has worked through ACC as a Tai Chi instructor with young people in the early 1990s. Has taught Tai Chi and Shoalin Chuan Fa to the public and established a martial arts branch here in Nelson. More recently, Mark has run Argentine Tango classes, together with his partner teaching this style of dance to local Nelsonians. Mark recently completed a three-year Pro Bono placement with Victory Community Center, that resulted in the position of Counselling Team LeaderMark spent five years as an active counsellor with Life Linc Nelson, has completed a Counselling Bachelors Degree with NMIT and is a registered  member of the New Zealand association of Counsellors (NZAC). Mark has also been a Nelson branch committee member 2018/2019/2020 and the Chair Person of the Nelson NZAC Branch 2019/2020.

Currently Mark is working with Life Linc developing a 'Mens Group'. For more details see newspaper article 

and or contact Life Linc on 03 5482400

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